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Make the contracts search for you!

Using state of the art cloud and data science technology our platform allows you to easily identify contracts your business should be targeting. After speaking with hundreds of business owners the founders of GovNotify discovered a common problem in government procurement, finding contracts is extremely difficult. With GovNotify contracts search for you! Instead of spending hours trying to find a match, we’ll constantly search all available sources and send the best matches to you! We make finding contracts as simple as sitting back while the opportunities roll in.

Contracting made easy!

Get all the information you need to find the right contracts.

Save Time

Login and see every contract out there matching your business, or get notified when a new contract match is found. No more long hours of searching.

Search Contracts

Search all recently posted contracts using our proprietary search system, we make searching by location, keyword or any criteria you want simple and fast.

Archive Contracts

Instead of saving prospective contracts in text files or cluttered bookmarks use are easy one click save feature. Easily add contracts to check out later or generate a link to share with others.

Cloud Based

GovNotify is a state of the art SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, we utilize powerful data centers to parse massive amounts of data to produce fast, precision results.

Smart NAICS Tool

Contracts are organized under NAICS codes, most businesses are missing their full potential because they’re missing the correct codes. Our tool finds the codes you may have missed and in turn gives you a lot more opportunities.


We’ll notify you when a contract is matched, this gives you an edge by allowing you to prepare your bid before your competitors. Select how often you’d like to see contracts and either email or SMS alerts.

500k Contracts

Indexing nearly 500k contracts across all US states and territories, we have the most comprehensive contract search platform on the market. Our customers can see contract opportunities 24 hours in advance of our competitors.

$500 Billion

The US government has historically spent over $500 billion a year on contract awards. How do the people getting these contracts win that money? By being armed with the right tools and information!

Custom Settings

Customize how you search and when you’re notified, fine tune your profile so you know immediately when a match is available, or choose to review the occasional summary.

How does government contracting work?

We don’t just show you the contracts, we provide a source of valuable information to help teach you the ins and outs. When you log into our platform we arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Most businesses lack the information needed to successfully approach a government contracting officer and place a winning bid. The information on how this process works difficult to find, confusing to understand, and often provided by companies who want to charge you insane amounts of money to do literally nothing. Before you continue reading ask yourself the following questions…


  • Do I know how exactly SAM (System for Award Management) works?
  • Do I understand what role a DUNS number, CAGE code or NAICS / PSC code has in the government procurement process?
  • Do I know where to look for contracts and the correct way to search those places?
  • Do I know the government procurement workflow and proper steps to take upon finding a good contract to apply for / bid on?
  • Do I have a capabilities statement?
  • Do I have an SBA DSBS profile?
  • Do I know how to use tools like SAM, D&B, USASpending, and FedBizOpps to leverage the information I find?



If you answered no to any of these questions it’s most likely because the information is almost impossible to find from any official source, or simply not available. Government Contracting and various other sub industries related to it are very profitable in the private sector. There are many companies trying to mislead you into paying large sums of money for things you could have did yourself for free.

Combining Data from Multiple Agencies

The government got one thing right, they allowed programmers open access to all contracting platform information. This was done under an initiative to promote free trade and commerce by letting outside parties create applications like GovNotify. Thanks to President Clinton we can proudly announce we’re integrated with the following sources!

Sign up for a free one hour trial. We’re so confident in our platform we encourage you to see it for yourself before you spend a dollar!